The clock is ticking on Judge Sue Robinson

There’s a general rule among lawyers that it’s not wise to ask a judge for a ruling because you just might get one.

The Browns and quarterback Deshaun Watson surely would like to have a ruling from Judge Sue L. Robinson, now that training camp is opening and Watson’s status for Week One remains undecided. But they definitely won’t be doing anything other than watching and waiting for her decision, whenever it may arrive.

It’s been four weeks since the three-day hearing on Watson’s potential discipline began. It’s been two weeks since the lawyers submitted written materials regarding the competing positions on whether Watson should be suspended, and if so for how long. As of this posting, there hasn’t been a peep from Judge Robinson.

If she imposes any discipline at all, either side can appeal to Commissioner Roger Goodell. That stage also will take some time. Surely, everyone will know Watson’s status by Week One. In the interim, it will be useful for the Browns to know if they won’t have Watson for the Baker Mayfield reunion game, and if not for how long after that Watson will be gone.